At Monon Bioventures, we work with scientists and physicians to turn their discoveries into investable assets so they may reach the clinic and, eventually, the marketplace.  We are a part of a larger network of early and late stage pharma/biotech startup operators, partners and capital providers.  Our collaborators are all across the US with concentration on both east (Boston and NYC) and west (Seattle) coasts.  We work hard and move quickly.  We take pride in being an excellent partner for scientists and research institutions and have a strong track record of success.  If you are a scientist with an interesting pre-clinical or clinical asset that has the potential to meet an unmet medical need, we want to speak with you.


Why MBV?

MBV is led by experienced business leaders with scientific backgrounds who understand how to develop medical products and build life science companies. We realize that not all innovations will support a new company. We also realize that more research may be required to validate a technology or platform. MBV provides the leadership and environment to mature innovative technologies while minimizing overhead and maximizing capital efficiency.


How we Work?

At MBV, we start by developing a product strategy and team. The investigator remains fully engaged as a key member of the team while MBV drives the research funding, program development resources, and business partnering activities. Every team is a little different, but every team is designed to successfully validate the product and move it forward to the final stage of development.